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5 signs it’s time to consider face laser treatment

We love that first line in the Rolling Stones song, Mother’s Little Helper: What a drag it is getting old… Because of recent advances in medical face laser treatment, looking old is becoming more of an option and less of … More >

4 Facts About Laser Treatment for Acne

Acne attacks everyone differently, particularly teens. For some, it is barely noticeable. For others it is a daily burden, one that can hamper self esteem. For the latter population, laser treatment for acne is proven to bear very good results … More >

What to look for in a medical laser treatment provider

Whether its laser removal for hair, acne scars, tattoos or varicose veins, there are certain qualities consumers should look for when scouting for the best medical laser treatment providers. Considering the end goal is to improve your appearance, doing your … More >