Leg Vein Procedures

Traditional treatment for leg veins such as Sclerotherapy is a tried and proven technique, however, not every physician or laser provider is trained in such procedure.

Even the ones who are trained and are good Sclerotherapists prefer the ease of use, the predictability and convenience of laser vein therapy. This procedure is the most performed procedure in OBGYN practices and it is one of the top 5 cosmetic procedures that is currently performed across the board. It is ideal for patients who have 3mm leg veins or smaller whether they are red or blue, whether they are spider veins around the ankles or matted veins on the inner thigh, lasers such as the long pulsed ND Yag and the VBeam are superior instruments to anything else. Laser vein therapy is ideal for patients that had failed Sclerotherapy, not candidates for Sclerotherapy, needle phobic, or patients that seek the convenience of laser vein therapy. Some of the advantages of laser vein therapy is the fact that patients do not have to wear restrictive stockings and garments nor would they need to suspend any personal activity post laser therapy. This procedure is ideal as well for a vascular surgeon who may be providing saphenous vein solution in his or her practice.


Before & After

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