Nail Fungus and Warts

Nail fungus infections are caused by dermal-fungi yeasts such as Candida and non-dermal molds. Some factors that may increase the development of nail fungus include: humidity, heat, trauma, diabetes, and underlying athlete’s foot. Laser treatments are considered a safe and effective option.

In clinical studies it has an 88% effective rate or better, as compared to the leading prescription topical treatment which has an efficacy rate of 10% or less. Toenails grow slowly over a 9 to 12 month period, therefore, the fungus may have died due to the laser treatment, but a healthy new nail will not be seen for 3 to 6 months post-therapy. Once a nail growth cycle is completed, a new, healthy, white clear nail should replace an infected nail.

Laser treatment of Plantar Warts have been performed for over 20 years with the pulse dye laser 595nm and now most recently the long pulse ND:Yag 1064nm has been showing success in the treatment of Plantar Warts. The vascular lasers works by secondary effect, it shuts down the blood supply to the virus, which essentially causes the wart to disappear. The advantage of laser treatment over other therapies is the fact the laser treatments causes no down time and does not interfere with the patient’s lifestyle. Most patients need between 3 and 6 treatments and most of these procedures are reimbursed by insurance.


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