Laser Skin Treatment Procedure Overview

Patients with skin ailments are like fingerprints: None are the same.

Being able to identify which of the many laser skin treatment procedures are best for which ailments can be a challenge for any medical laser treatment practice. Carefully diagnosing and conducting patient selection for such procedures and knowing the client/patient’s appropriate expectations and recovery time is every skin care professional’s highest priority.

Below are some of the laser treatment procedures that can be performed with our wide array of laser treatment machines. These procedures are the most cutting edge and frequently performed on patients in a clinical or a medi-spa setting.

By partnering with Medical Laser Technologies, dermatologists and skin care professionals have the luxury of selecting from state-of-the-art, FDA-approved laser treatment machines and dynamic technology. But most importantly, we offer the expertise of our laser technicians at your disposal, to guide you through every step of the way. 

Some physicians and laser practitioners often focus on very few select procedures and tend to neglect others, thus missing the opportunity to succeed in building credibility with their laser skin treatment practice. 

The 2 Types of Laser Skin Treatment Procedures

Laser skin treatment can be grouped into two specific categories: therapeutic and cosmetic. 

  • Therapeutic Procedures such as tumor removal or plastic surgery to repair a medical issue, are reimbursed by third party payers (health insurance providers). 
  • Cosmetic Procedures such as tattoo, birthmark or scar removal, are considered elective by the patient and are usually paid by out of pocket. 

4 Subcategories of Laser Procedures

Therapeutic and cosmetic procedures can also be sub-categorized: 

  • Non-ablative: A medical laser procedure in which the surface of the skin remains uninjured while improving the appearance of ailments such as wrinkles, brown or sun spots or minor scars.
  • Micro-ablative: A more recent laser procedure in which tiny areas of the epidermis and dermis are removed. 
  • Fractional ablative: A procedure in which only a small area of the body is treated by laser treatment, such as the acne scar removal and fine wrinkle removal.
  • Fully ablative: A more significant, invasive procedure such as the reshaping of the nose, deep surgical scars and benign skin tumors.

Medical Laser Technology staff have the knowledge and experience to recommend to all skin care professionals the best of our laser machine products for patients with specific ailments. 

The Best Laser Procedure Consultation

We invite all skin care professionals — plastic surgeons, dermatologists, family physicians, OBGYNS and medi-spa professionals — to contact us at 1-800-905-LASER (5273) to discuss the best laser treatment products and procedures in the industry.