Skin Rejuvenation

This procedure is the most ambiguous and undefined laser treatment that a laser practitioner may ever offer in his or her practice. Laser SR as most often referred to can be performed by non-ablative lasers such as pigmented lesions and vascular lasers or by an IPL device as well as a micro-ablative laser such as the Dual (wave length) Fraxel or a fractional CO2 laser such as the QuadraLase CO2 laser or by a fully ablative laser such as the Ultra Pulse CO2 laser. In either one of these cases results will vary based on patient goals, skin condition and their desire and tolerance for short or prolonged healing time. Younger patients that are seeking a light refresh with no down time often select the non-ablative approach whereas older patients that have deeper rhytids often accept the more aggressive approach with a fully ablative CO2 laser that may cause a down time of anywhere from 10 to 15 days. Skin rejuvenation encompasses toning the skin and evening the pigmentation and redness as well as smoothing the skin in minimizing pore size and fine lines all the way to wrinkle reduction and skin tightening with a fully ablative approach. The dual wavelength laser is the gold standard for the SR application and is the most recognizable brand name laser among patients and physicians alike. Fees to the patient could vary greatly with some procedures requiring repeat visits and others only requiring one visit.


Before & After

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