Tattoo Removal

It has been said that 40% of women under the age of 30 and one out of four males under 30 has a tattoo somewhere on their body.  Personal regret has led to approximately 50% of people wanting them removed.  This makes tattoo removal one of the largest and the most underserved laser procedure in the country.

Current state-of-the-art lasers, such as the Candela AlexTriVantage, are capable of removing all colors in a tattoo with as little as four laser visits for some patients with amateur tattoos. Most professional tattoos will take anywhere from 6 to as much as 12 treatments.  Clinical endpoints may vary due to several factors; depth, amount, and color of ink.  Treatment is individualized to ensure the most effective and more importantly the most safe treatment.  Tattoo treatments do not require topical anesthetic, though it can be offered, and are performed in less than 15 minutes. In the past few years, tattoo artists have experimented with new types of ink and color blending techniques that have made tattoo removal a stubborn proposition. However efforts into designing and engineering new inks such as Freedom Ink tm are well on their way into making tattoo removal as easy as removing someone’s age spot or lentigo. These new inks are encapsulated inks that will rupture and dissipate their content as soon as they are subjected to laser light.


Before & After

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