Laser Hair Removal: Why the Benefits Outweigh the Side Effects

Laser hair removal machines from Medical Laser Technologies

We’ve come a long way since the days of wax-and-rip and electrolysis procedures to remove hair in unwanted and undesirable places. Over the last 10 years, the demand for laser hair removal procedures is year over year consistently in higher demand while technology and treatment for such also steadily evolves. 

Among the most common questions we hear include:

  • Is it affordable?
  • What is the quality and longevity of results?
  • What are the most effective hair removal methods?

With consistent advances, laser treatment is without question the most effective method for hair removal.

How laser hair removal works

The process of laser hair removal is relatively simple and mostly pain free, though patients sometimes experience minor irritations. The light and energy from the laser penetrates to the root of each hair follicle, hampering its ability for regrowth. Though there is mild irritation involved, the surface of the skin cools quickly, faster than the follicles deep below the skin surface.

Laser hair removal is effective for most skin tones and hair types. The time it takes for each procedure is anywhere between 15 minutes and one hour, contingent on the area of the body.

Among the common (temporary) side effects include mild itching and a burning sensation along with redness and swelling. Hyperpigmentation (darkening) and hypopigmentation (lightening) of the skin is also possible.

The main advantages of hair removal by laser treatment

Wax-and-rip, electrolysis and even shaving are all viable solutions, but laser hair treatment is the most effective in terms of longevity. Consider the advantages:

  • Overwhelmingly positive results: Significantly stunted hair growth is the result for most patients following laser treatment. However, some patients experience permanent hair removal.
  • Less painful: While there is a small degree of discomfort in laser treatment, waxing and electrolysis procedures are far more painful.
  • Return growth is weak: In patients that have regrowth of hair, it is significantly finer and weaker than original.
  • Rare side effects: While some patients may experience itching and redness after treatments, it is usually temporary and remedied by post-procedure cream application.
  • Fast and accurate: Each laser pulse covers a square area of 9X9 millimeters.

Our laser hair removal solutions

Medical Laser Technologies offers three effective devices for laser hair removal:

  • GentleLASE: A long-pulse, high energy light that penetrates to the root without damaging the follicle. GentleLASE is also effective in vein removal procedures.
  • GentleYAG: An effective solution for hair removal on all parts of the body, GentleYAG is also an potent remedy for leg vein removal, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation. 
  • GentleMAX: A combination of the aforementioned, GentleMAX is the first multiple wavelength machine and highest in demand as it is an effective solution for birth marks, leg veins and vascular lesions, along with hair removal.

Speak one-on-one with one of our laser hair removal device experts today at 1-800-905-LASER (5273). 

Profound skin laser treatment: The aptly-named solution for lower facial features

Profound skin laser treatment by Medical Laser Technologies

Recently we blogged about the benefits of renting skin laser treatment machines rather than buying. The Profound laser treatment device is a prime example why. We reasoned that laser skin treatment devices and methods are akin to mobile phones — they are always developing, improving and enabling consumers to find and accomplish new things. 

The Profound, a nonsurgical, radio frequency micro needle method of laser treatment, was named among the breakthrough treatments shortly after its debut in 2015 by several industry publications. Among nonsurgical procedures, it is the leading, cutting edge option for. replacing lost skin volume (as the result of age) and stimulating the growth of three vital skin elements: elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid.

The areas profound-ly effective — and the benefits

For the jawline, jowls, smile/laugh lines and area beneath the chin, gravity and age seem to get the better of most people. The Profound skin treatment machine has emerged as the most effective treatment with little downside with many benefits:

  • Minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure.
  • Small recovery window: Patients return to normal activities within 24 hours while a surgical face lift requires between 7-10 days downtime.
  • Side-effects such as erythema usually disappear between 2-12 hours.

The demand for Profound skin laser treatment: Proof in numbers

According to our partner company,, there is a fast-growing demand for high-end facial treatments:

  • More than 30 million women have concerns about skin conditions due to aging such as a ‘double’ chin and sagging jawline. In fact, one survey found that one in four women between the ages of 35 and 65 say that aging lower facial features is a concern.
  • Additionally, 18 million women expressed interest in non-surgical treatments.
  • Currently, the study claimed, 9 million women in the U.S. are potential candidates for high end facial treatments.

Moreover, a survey of 100 patients revealed that the Profound skin laser treatment  showed definitive signs of neoelastogenesis and new proof of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid (typically after 10 weeks of treatment).

From physician and patient viewpoints, the Profound treatment elicited a 100 percent response rate for wrinkles and a 95 percent response rate for over-stretching of the skin. Nearly half of the patients reported significant improvement in skin appearance while 37 percent reported non-surgical skin improvement opposed to a face lift.

Medical Laser Technologies has your skin laser treatment rental solution

For cosmetic and therapeutic procedures, Medical Laser Technologies remains on the cutting edge of acquiring the latest, most cutting edge laser treatment devices on the market. For more information on the Profound, contact our laser treatment experts at 1-800-905-LASER (5273) or elect the live chat option below.

5 Laser Therapy Trends We’ll See in 2018

We get excited this time of year, simply because we’re anxious to see what trends and possibilities the new year brings to our industry. It’s a good time for the laser therapy industry: The economy is strong. Unemployment levels are lower than they have been in years. The conservatism that was apparent in the earlier part of the decade has relaxed considerably. Consumers are spending money.

Some laser therapy treatments are here to stay, such as skin tightening and removal for scars, acne and hair (in fact, we expect more folks will indulge). And the procedures for which are ever evolving for the better. 

There are some interesting trends and cutting edge things happening. Here are five things on tap for 2018.

1. Laser therapy patients are getting younger…

We’re seeing the clientele for laser therapy becoming younger, which means younger people are taking a proactive approach to laser procedures. An increasing number of women and men, aged anywhere between in their early 20s and mid-30s, are looking to prolong or avoid lines and wrinkles that come with age. Playing a role in younger clients seeking laser therapy solutions is the technology available that can give people an idea of how they’re expected to appear in 10 or 20 years.

2. …and more male

The numbers of men opting for laser treatment continues to grow for several reasons. Firstly, an increasing number of men want to appear younger in general — in the workplace or for career searching. Second, laser skin treatments are growing popular among men who are single/divorced men for the dating scene.

3. New custom procedures are always emerging

One trend we’re seeing is the combination of different types of treatments for one goal. For example, each client is unique and specific about their needs, about exactly what they want. Specialists, on the other hand are performing more unique and custom treatments, involving combinations to get the desire outcome.

4. Spike in tattoo removal

It could be an evening or weekend you may not quite remember, a breakup some years ago or simple regret, but laser therapy for tattoo removal is expected to grow even more popular. 

5. More laser treatment machine rentals, less buys

Remaining relevant and current with the laser skin treatment industry is to remain level with the latest and best technology. The best way to achieve this is to rent the most cutting edge equipment — which Medical Laser Technology provides. Contact one of our laser therapy experts today at 1-800-905-LASER (5273) and discuss the possibilities.