The Rental Advantage

The MLT advantage lies in enabling our customers to consistently upgrade and acquire the most advanced, cutting-edge, current laser technology on the market. In addition, our unmatched level of experience means we are able to serve a valuable advisory role to physicians embarking upon launching or reinventing their laser practice, helping them to avoid common pitfalls.

Benefits of using MLT’s full-service laser rental include:

  • Ability to create a revenue-boosting laser service practice without capital outlay and its associated financial risk.
  • Puts smaller practices on equal footing with large-scale facilities by offering the most current, state-of-the-art lasers needed to provide patients with the most effective, safest and proven therapies.
  • Consistent communication: MLT keeps its customers informed regarding new technologies that are coming down the path, thus allowing physicians to plan accordingly and stay ahead of their competition.

While the technology we offer is important, perhaps the most valuable aspect to working with MLT is our array of services, which include:

  • Marketing support: MLT provides marketing material for display, mailing, advertising and electronic communications for your laser practice.
  • On-site training and clinical support; MLT provides on-site training with a technician that acts as the de facto Laser Safety Officer. We also have an RN on our staff available for clinical support.
  • Once initial training is complete, we’ll present you with certification to provide to your insurance company or for hospital privileges.
  • Pricing guidelines, based on marketing surveys, providing a competitive advantage.
  • For those physicians who choose not to perform laser services themselves (or have their staff do so) but who want to establish a laser practice, we can provide qualified laser clinicians to perform all the laser procedures at your facility.

Simply put, no physician should ever omit considering our laser services as an alternative to purchasing laser equipment. We invite you today to join our successful family of physician and medi-spa clients. Allow us to help you experience the benefits of a hassle-free, risk-free laser practice.