Skin laser machine rentals expected to surge, says report

Skin laser machine rentals by Medical Laser Technologies.

The demand for skin laser machine rentals is expected to increase significantly over the next 10 years, says a study by Transparency Market Research, released in February. While the popularity of laser skin treatment procedures has grown increasingly popular over the last 30 years, it is the last decade which has seen a surge. Laser treatment machine manufacturers surveyed for the study have indicated there is no sign of a slow-down.

Primarily, the reasons for the popularity include consistent improvements and advances in technology and results. And with technological advances, side effects and downtime continue to become minimal.

The 4 most popular procedures patients are undergoing

More than ever, consumers are turning to laser skin treatment to turn back the clock and remove marks and blemishes. According to the Transparency report, four types of ailments are drawing the most treatment: 

  • Facial wrinkles: Conditions such as wrinkles (crow’s feet), excess skin on the neck and chin are two of the most commonly treated conditions. Skin laser machine rentals such as the GentleYAG and the GentleMAX are ideal solutions.
  • Acne scars: The most common skin condition in the U.S., acne scar patients are seeing remarkable success with the Palomar Acleara (view our before/after photos).
  • Surgical scars: Similar to acne scars, the demand for surgical scar removal has also soared in popularity, particularly facial and head scars. Medical Laser Technologies offers three solutions for machine rentals: the Fraxel Dual, Vbeam Perfecta and the QuadraLase, each which has minimal side effects.
  • Discoloration: Consumers in the U.S. are increasingly treating melasma, commonly known as age spots or sun spots; small but noticeably darker regions of the skin usually on the face, back of hands and upper back. The Fraxel Dual is also an effective treatment as are the TriVantage and GentleMAX. 

Untapped markets lend well to future

With nearly 16 million laser skin treatment procedures in 2015, it is no surprise that the U.S. market leads the rest of the world in frequency of such. Among other regions of the world — Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa — it is the APAC region that is experiencing the most growth, particularly South Korea, which has seen an influx of Chinese women crossing the border for treatment.

Skin laser machine rentals for virtually any skin condition

Medical Laser Technologies has been providing affordable skin laser machine rentals to dermatologists, medi-spas and skin care professionals since 1989, and remains on the cutting edge of laser skin therapy solutions. 

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