As tattoos remain popular, so does laser skin treatment for removal

Laser skin treatment for tattoo removal with Medical Laser Technologies

The popularity for tattoos has surged the last 15-20 years for folks among all walks of life. It is safe to say that tattoos and body piercings are more accepted today than, for example, 20-25 years ago. As the popularity of tattoos goes, so does laser skin treatment for tattoo removal, which has continued to peak each of the last 10 years. 

Says one study, more than 45 million U.S. citizens have at least one tattoo — 36 percent of them aged 18-26 and 40 percent aged 26-40. Of all those who have tattoos, about 11 percent eventually have them removed — predominantly young women who are more than twice as likely as men (70 percent to 30 percent) to undergo removal. 

Why people choose laser skin treatment for tattoo removal

That significant other you swore was ‘the one.’ That hazy weekend in Las Vegas, all of which you can’t quite remember. You get the idea.

Including those mentioned above, people have tattoos removed for a myriad of reasons.

  • A tattoo that might’ve been a good idea years or decades prior has outlived its meaning or, unfortunately, has become a source of embarrassment.
  • With age, tattoos fade, and no longer appear vibrant or colorful.
  • Having a tattoo(s) or a body piercing may not be consistent with certain career choices (such as teaching or c-level positions).
  • Tattoo was poorly illustrated.

Things you need to know about tattoo removal

Laser skin treatment of tattoos causes the ink to heat up resulting in its particles falling away. It can be a painful process, more so in areas where blood circulation is less than some areas (including limbs and exteriors, simply because they are furthest from the heart). Additionally, blisters, swelling and irritation and even bleeding are common — and typical removals will require more than one visit.

However, consistent with all laser skin treatment procedures, progress is perpetually being made for tattoo removal. We recommend the Candela TriVantage, a laser skin treatment device which specializes in erasing tattoos along with pigmented lesions and skin rejuvenation (view before and after photos here).

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