Acne Scars & Scar Revisions

This application is probably as rewarding as anything else a laser practitioner may perform. Depending on the severity and how extensive acne scars on a patient may be the outcome will vary from a complete resolution to a amazing improvement in someone’s appearance. To date, the micro ablative Fraxel laser at 1550nm is perhaps the best instrument for such a malady. If a more aggressive approach is called for, then the fractional QuadraLase CO2 laser or the fully ablative CO2 laser can be used to resurface such scars.

Through experience we revise hypertrophic scars and keloids as well as post surgical scars, and trauma scars can be significantly improved with the use of a vascular laser; the VBeam as well as the Fraxel laser in the 1550nm mode for treatment.  New innovative appraoaches coupled with traditional therapies such as injections and dressings have revolutionized the approach to scar revision.


Before & After

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