Pigmented Lesions

Years of sun exposure, active life styles, and aging inevitably result in the development of pigmented lesions. Age spots on the face, chest and back of hands, lentigos, and freckles, can all be safely and effectively treated with the Q-Switched lasers such as the Candela AlexTriVantage.

Most of these treatments need a single procedure although some thick brown lesions may require a second treatment. Recently the Dual Fraxel laser in the 1927nm mode has been the instrument of choice for facial and decollate dyspigmentation, back of hands and freckles on the arms and legs.

In addition, women that develop melasma or what is often referred to as “mother’s mask” can be safely and effectively treated with the Dual Fraxel although it is thought in 2 to 3 years post-operative that these same patients may develop melasma again, in which case they can be treated again.


Before & After

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