Why it’s Best to Rent Laser Skin Treatment Machines Than Buy

Laser skin treatment is kind of like the emergence and advances in mobile phones the last 20 years. We all started with the old flip-phone with the antennae, and through the years watched as mobile phones become more compact and added more and more features. Now, mobile phones seem to reinvent themselves every few years.

It is a similar story with laser treatment: Advances are consistently being made and treatments are changing, becoming safer, pain-free, more effective and affordable, tailored to certain skin ailments. With such rapid advances, it makes perfect sense for dermatologists and skin care professionals to rent laser treatment machines, rather than purchase them.

Laser skin treatment rentals: Stay on the cutting edge

Advances and upgrades happen quickly.

Consider laser treatment solutions from 10 years ago, or even five. Many were painful and expensive. Today, treatments and processes for scar, tattoo and hair removal are far more effective, popular and affordable than they used to be. Laser treatment is a practice that is consistently improving through research and best practices.

Thus, by renting laser skin treatment machines — opposed to buying — skin care and medi-spa professionals have the luxury of upgrading every 2-3 years and remaining current with the best practices, procedures and technology.

Renting treatment machines creates competition

In taking advantage of laser skin treatment device rentals, even the small practices and treatment centers can compete with their larger counterparts by remaining current and consistent with the latest technology. Smaller and private practices aren’t left lagging behind in the industry by aging machines.

Medical Laser Technology support

By partnering with Medical Laser Technology for the latest in laser treatment machines, we offer skin care professionals and medi-spas several perks through our rental programs:

Onsite training and personal support with certification.

Marketing materials — electronic and physical mailings, display and advertising — to promote to your clientele.

Staff registered nurse to provide clinical support.

Certified laser professionals to perform procedures at your practice, should you desire.

Medical Laser Technology laser skin treatment experts are on hand by telephoning 1-800-905-LASER (5273) or by logging on our website and selecting the live chat option.