Fraxel Dual

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The Dual Wave Length Fraxel laser is the most versatile micro ablative device on the market to date.

In addition to its 1550 nm wave length this laser now has the new thulium 1927 nm wave length. The 1550 nm is a deep penetrating wave length that operates between 500-1300 microns which is ideal for applications such as acne scars, fine lines and shallow wrinkles, open pores and bumps and cross hatched skin, coupled with the 1927 nm that operates at about 200 microns which is ideal for peeling pigmentation, sun damage, melasma and evening the skin tone in general.

The Dual Fraxel is able to precisely target microscopic areas of the skin, using a focused laser to eliminate old, damaged skin cells and penetrate beyond the skin’s surface. Fraxel treatment stimulates the body’s own natural healing process for replacing damaged skin with fresh, glowing, healthy skin. In addition, the Dual Fraxel laser has applications beyond the face and skin rejuvenation such as decollate, back of hands and skin rejuvenation, as well as, hypertrophic scar revision, and graph revision. Finally, one of the most exciting applications with this laser as of late is in its use for the treatment of stretch marks old and new.

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